About The Warehouse Stage

The Warehouse Stage started during the Coronavirus pandemic 2020. With live performances moving online, and large parts of the world in lock down we saw a huge rise in the number of home produced music performances.

While it was great to see striped back performances from living rooms, kitchens and home studios – no one really stood out.

We built The Warehouse Stage to offer musicians a space to perform to their online audience and create new videos with high quality production around them, previously only achieved in a traditional “gig” scenario.

Ran by a production lighting company, specialising in the design and supply of equipment to concerts, theatrical musicals and the like – The Warehouse Stage offers a great opportunity to perform with state of the art production values for an affordable price.

With a huge variety of production equipment already on site, we can make your performance stand out from the rest without you needing to bring in additional third party suppliers.

The Warehouse Stage gets its name from its setting, it’s based inside one of Live LX’s warehouses making it the most cost effective way for you to live stream or film a great looking performance.

How To Book

To book your slot for live streaming or video shoot, get in touch with us now!